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We are huge fans of Cavaletti and pole work in our horses training . Over the winter we will be holding a series of clinics . It has fantastic benefits for horses of all disciplines .

Cavaletti / poles helps to improve the regularity and rhythm of paces, suppleness , strengthen muscles , improve the horses core stability , increase balance , helps to activate hind legs & encourages the horse to work over the back. – These are just to name a few!
Most importantly its good FUN and the horses really enjoy it!

Shared & Individual spaces available


Cavaletti clinic

Cavaletti clinic

** 11th March – please click on this link to book in ** or alternatively please follow the Horse Monkey link to the right of this page .


**British Dressage Cavaletti clinic 18th March – Please click on this link to book in **





Ekko Horse and Rider Performance Clinic

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Its new year and we are back with a unique clinic that focuses on optimal performance of horse and rider.

Firstly you will have an individual 45 minute flatwork/lunge lesson with either International dressage riders Rebecca and Keri Bates paying particular attention to riders posture, imbalances and potential areas of improvement which can effect the horses way going/ performance.

The ridden session is followed by a shared personal training session taken by PT Sam Bishop in our personal training studio here at Ekko. You will spend 30 mins with Sam who will assess your deep layer core strength and superficial core strength abilities before showing you how to improve your strength / conditioning/ flexibility and explain how this will help you and your horses performance.

Open to all ages and abilities . £60 per person

15388779_10154876796705559_1785753771_o**25th February – Please click here to book in **